Women’s Jeans vs. Men’s Jeans: The #1 Difference

Women’s Jeans vs. Men’s Jeans: The #1 Difference

When looking at men’s jeans vs. women’s jeans, you need to know the #1 difference between the clothes. Designers implement some stylistic choices when creating these outfits for companies. They also distinctly change the pocket size when working with jeans for two different types of people.

Why Pockets Are Crucial

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The front pockets on jeans for women tend to be more stylish than functional. A few jean designers stitch the pockets shut; while the buyer can snip the threads, which leaves some unfashionable fraying.

Regarding men’s vs. women’s pockets, women’s pockets are half the size and are 6.5% smaller. Men’s pockets are generally more profound, as jeans used to be a working outfit for outdoor jobs.

Women’s pocket size can also be a problem. Most cannot carry more than house keys, and some loose change. Skinny jeans, in particular, lack practical pockets, owing to the knit. The little pockets traditionally held pocket watches.

That’s why all of our pockets are meant to be flexible at Radian Jeans. Our deep-pocket straight and skinny jeans have more room for essentials with a spandex-denim-cotton blend that allows for more stretch.

Other Major Differences Between Men And Women’s Jeans

It would help if you also considered other factors when looking at men’s and women’s jeans. Retailer and discount brands may use pure industrial denim, which has less stretch, while higher-quality pairs may incorporate fabric blends. There may be stylistic differences and size chart changes as well.


Women’s jeans can come in straight and thin; some favor the hips more while others focus on the waist. Men’s jeans tend to have a straight cut, emphasizing the hips. One will rarely find skinny jeans for men.

Waist Measurements

Men’s jeans tend to have only high and low-waist fits, and the body size tends to remain uniform. That means they tend to have the same shape, with few alternatives for day-to-day wear versus formal occasions.

In contrast, brands vary their jean waist measurements for women. Women are also more likely to find mid-rise jeans and high and low-waisted options. Waist sizes will also vary, allowing for more choices and complications when shopping for different companies. A 37/32 from one shop can be a completely different fit than a jeans size from another retailer.

Find Your Perfect Fitting Cut At Radian Jeans

Radian Jeans know that perfectly fitting jeans are essential for women; so is comfort. That is why at our store, we design outfits that merge fashion and function. Our deep-pocket jeans can hold items like wallets, keys, and phones while you remain on the go.

Radian Jeans know that a good pair of jeans can elevate a wardrobe, so we provide them in straight and skinny charts. Please contact us today to learn more about our straight cuts and high-grade denim blends. Stay prepared for any occasion while looking great.

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