Are Women's Pockets Inferior?

Are Women's Pockets Inferior?

Shopping in 2022 has more options and scrutiny for women. One must decide if buying online or in-person makes sense for their style. You may ask, “Are women’s pockets inferior in apparel compared to men’s pockets?”

The answer is yes. As for why the pockets are inferior, that requires going into fashion history. We’ll summarize the important details that come from history.

Historical Pockets In Women’s Apparel

In the 1700s, pockets were a name for purses strung around the waist. Many were large enough to store fruit and other snacks but also tiny sufficient to cover with skirts and petticoats when necessary. Women could personalize them with embroidery and accessories like beads or unique clasps, making them great gift items for special occasions.

Fashion trends changed when women’s dresses transitioned from the rustling bustle and empire waist to form-fitting silhouettes. Skirts could no longer cover the 16th-century pockets, which had to be sewn into the skirt.

Women’s pant pockets went through the same evolution. At first, pants and trousers were designed for work to avoid fabric snagging or inconveniencing the wearer. Eventually, however, products focused on conforming to body shape and creating a slim silhouette. Even though jeans were made for outdoor work and hard labor, they also underwent a fashion makeover when women started wearing them and lost size in their pockets.

Why Women’s Pockets Are Inferior

When you look at many women’s clothing pieces, you may notice tiny pockets. They may fit a few quarters and a few car keys at most. Some are even sewn shut; you can cut the threads, but that risks fraying. In short, they are not practical for daily use unless you want to display a frayed look.

Men’s body shape tends to be uniform in fashion, with a few exceptions. In contrast, pockets in men’s clothing do not worry about the silhouette. The pockets are large and functional, especially for items like jeans.

While, in theory, a person can learn to add pockets to their jeans or extend them, sewing is a specialized skill. Modifying clothes with a specialist tailor increases the price point, sometimes beyond a standard cost of living. The issue is systematic within clothing design trends. Changing silhouettes will take decades, as seen with the bustle and the empire waist, to bring functionality.

What is the solution, then? Support companies that restore women’s front pockets in regular or skinny jeans.

Find A New Approach To Women’s Clothing With Radian Jeans

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