Why Don't Women's Jeans Have Proper Pockets?

Why Don't Women's Jeans Have Proper Pockets?

Shopping for women varies depending on the occasion. Business formal wear has different requirements compared to black tie for informal weekend outfits. One aspect remains common, however: functional pockets are rare. At best, you may get fake or faux pockets with tight stitches. Yet many menswear has such features. You may ask why don’t women’s jeans have proper pockets.

Why Don’t Women’s Clothes Have Pockets?

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There is no definite answer in the history books, but people have made educated guesses. One is to engage in more subtle control over the conventional woman, given the ideological fights over wearing bloomers, a prototype of pant skirts, in the 19th century. Another is to conform to the female silhouette and flatter the body.

Women’s dresses and outfits traditionally lacked pockets. This trend dates back to the 19th century. Men’s clothes started receiving pockets in the early 1800s, but women’s pockets didn’t become mainstream until the 1900s when Coco Chanel added them to her line of jackets.

Why Don’t Women’s Jeans Have Pockets?

There are several possible theories. One is that denim lends to form-fitting outfits, and pockets risk appearing bulky. Industrial denim can be heavy and often lacks stretch. Less flexibility can lead to smaller pocket sizes.

The other possibility is to remove the practicality from pants. Jeans used to be a work outfit during the 1800s when mining companies formed entire towns to profit from employee families. Men would wear them outdoors because a mining company commissioned tailor Jacob David to make durable trousers for employees. He used denim and rivets. Because denim is a reasonably affordable fabric lacking stretch, it was a good option for the average layperson.

When women started wearing them for comfort, the need for practicality changed. It is highly possible that when the functional market vanished and jeans became too casual to wear to twentieth-century workplaces, the pockets went as well.

From a fashion standpoint, tiny pockets were used to hold pocket watches in men’s clothing. Those pockets transferred when the watches didn’t, even if they became less valuable.

Why Women’s Clothes With Pockets Are Crucial

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Women’s pockets are not just a symbol of liberation. They also provide more convenience during the day. In a dress society or coffee shop, pockets reduce the need for bulky totes and purses.

Fake pockets on women’s clothing are also useless in many ways. Either they exist for extra stitching or to create an illusion of fashion. If one is going to add a pocket to a jacket or pair of pants, making them real would add value for daily convenience.

Radian Jeans Has Your Functional Pockets

Radian Jeans want to add more function to the fashion industry. A spandex-cotton blend gives the jeans more stretch and plenty of room to hold phones, wallets, and more. That is why all our apparel, even our tight-fitting skinny jeans, has pockets.

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