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Women’s Jeans vs. Men’s Jeans: The #1 Difference

When looking at men’s jeans vs. women’s jeans, you need to know the #1 difference between the clothes. Designers implement some stylistic choices when creating these outfits for companies. They also distinctly change the pocket size when working with jeans for two different types of people.

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Why Don't Women's Jeans Have Proper Pockets?

Shopping for women varies depending on the occasion. Business formal wear has different requirements compared to black tie for informal weekend outfits. One aspect remains common, however: functional pockets are rare.

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Women's Jeans With Pockets Big Enough To Hold A Smartphone

You’ve hit the jackpot if you’ve worn women’s jeans with pockets big enough to hold a smartphone. Such pants are rare in the 2020s fashion world, yet many people need them. Not many jeans have pockets to carry necessary items. 

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TEDx Talk | Pockets and Sexism

I have always been a sucker for a good TED talk and this one is a much watch! Women's clothing has small pockets, maybe even no pockets! Emma Harner, a high school student, thinks it’s ridiculous and taking a stand.  Click here to see what she has to say on this ongoing issue of pocket inequality!

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