The Radian Release

TEDx Talk | Pockets and Sexism

I have always been a sucker for a good TED talk and this one is a much watch! Women's clothing has small pockets, maybe even no pockets! Emma Harner, a high school student, thinks it’s ridiculous and taking a stand.  Click here to see what she has to say on this ongoing issue of pocket inequality!

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The Surprising History of Pockets and Purses

We have focused a lot on the history of pockets and the sexist, political nature that comes with it. However, in this video, it focuses on the connection between purses and pockets and how it relates to the gendered closet of the western world and the inequality in fashion.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmm7qOcp2xE

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Rant: Women's Pockets Suck!

Let's talk women's pocket inequality... Lily Singh has something to say about it! YouTube star Lily Singh is FIRED UP. Why? Because who in their right mind decided only three of my fingers should fit into my jean pockets?! We are so HERE FOR IT! 👏🏽

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Riding in Style

Shoutout Jessica for this awesome picture and being an absolute girl boss in her Radian jeans!! Ride in style with Radian Jeans!

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