Re:About Us

Our Story

It has always been a fact that as time goes on, styles and trends change. For women’s jeans, it seems as though time has stopped straight in its tracks through the invention and continuation of small pockets that are designed into women jeans. Dating back to the 1800’s, women’s pocket have always been extremely small and unusable. We are talking over 200 years ago people… 200 YEARS!! Why continue the trend of compromising functionality for fashion?That’s right: WE DON’T! We are sick of compromising and we are ready to start a revolution of women empowerment through fashion. That is why we made Radian Jeans. Flattering, fashionable jeans with deep pockets! It is time to put women’s fashion back on track because guess what? Functionality is in style.

Our Mission

Radian Jeans appeal to the everyday woman on the go. Whether it is going to a business meeting, traveling, relaxing, or getting physical, a pair of our jeans are perfect for you. Not only are our jeans a staple product of fashion, but they are also a symbol of power. We as women, need pockets to hold our belongings such as our phones, our wallets, and our keys. Women are not interested in carrying around a heavy purse or having our significant others have to carry around our stuff for us. Women should capable of their own belongings and look fabulous while doing it! We want women to feel in control of their lives through their functional style.

Our Product

The biggest feature of Radian Jeans is our deep front and back flap pockets but that is not the only thing our jeans have to offer. Not only do we want you to functional in our jeans, but we want you to feel confident too! Radian Jeans are made with premium denim that ensure four way stretch so that they can fit and flatter your body type. They also have CoolMax temperature technology that that keeps you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Our jeans also offer a pattern on the inside of our cuff to take you from a minimalist look to a statement piece. Our jeans just about have it all!

We talked to women and asked about what they'd want in their jeans.. pockets was the answer...