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Women’s lives have changed radically, but their jeans have not caught up. With limited options, women have accepted sacrificing comfort and utility for style. Most jeans are either comfortable and unflattering or stunning but have tiny pockets. So, we decided to make the perfect pair by combining high tech fabrics, innovative design and latest manufacturing techniques.

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At Radian, we’ve created the perfect everyday women’s jeans designed to enhance the active lifestyle.Our jeans are elegantly designed while ensuring optimal fit, function and comfort. Radian Jeans features have been carefully crafted with adventurous, driven and passionate women in mind, to enhance their every day

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Radian Jeans have deep front pockets, in contrast to the tiny and fake pockets found in most jeans, to carry your cell phone and other belongings. We also made the back pockets secure, so your phone will no longer fall out (especially not in the toilet!).

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For your comfort, we developed a great performance denim mix, to give you ample stretch for movement, and temperature regulation for year-round comfort to support you while you’re on the go- whether you’re biking, running errands or even doing yoga. And when you want to switch from a minimalist look to a statement piece, simply roll up the leg opening to reveal beautiful floral patterns to make you stand out while not even trying. Radian jeans is the uncompromising middle ground between a flattering look and practical utility. We paid meticulous attention to each measurement and curve to ensure that the jeans flatter your body. We are eliminating the frustration of trying to find the right fit of jeans in store and the hassle of returning online purchases. Simply give us a few body measurements and we’ll use our technology to find the perfect fit for you, giving you a product and experience you’ll cherish.