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Jessica is a type-A, extroverted 30-something from Virginia and sometimes Utah; a remote software developer by day, and an outdoor recreator/gamer/handywoman/cat mom by night. Well... the cat mom part is always, as you can ask her coworkers who occasionally get impromptu cat drop-ins over telemeetings! If not at a computer, you can find her doing things like running around in the brush up a canyon, riding her motorcycle around town, wandering around a boardwalk at the oceanfront catching Pokemon, chilling on the couch with her hubby watching Twitch streamers, or crawling under her house to help run wiring or check HVAC. A diverse life is a happy life! The best days are the spontaneous ones, so Jessica loves that her Radians can stand up to every circumstance she's thrown at them.

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In Your Radian Jeans?

I'm a fairly active person with no desire to carry a purse, so when I heard about Radian jeans I was all about them. Comfortable, flexible, flattering, with POCKETS?! Yes, please! From experience, Radians are perfect for anything from a day at the "office" (it's easier to convince myself to change out of my jammies with such comfy and good-looking jeans) to a bike ride or a night out. And the best part? I've never had to ask anyone else to hold my phone for fear it would fall out of my pocket!

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